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Students find valuable opportunities at VISION EASE to get real-world experience in their fields of interest. The internships we offer are challenging, with tremendous learning potential. Interns not only receive competitive pay but also have opportunities to build close relationships with our employees through different organizational activities. Likewise, our positions for new graduates are designed to grow our employees into strong professionals in their field.

We welcome students from various disciplines, such as engineering, research & development, supply chain, accounting, marketing, human resources and more. We look for independent learners and possibility seekers who are driven to deliver results. Students who are excited about challenge and change can be successful at VISION EASE.

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Claire Que

Claire, Summer HR Intern, HR Specialist

I was given challenging projects that allowed me to think from an organizational level, rather than perform administrative tasks. The trust and encouragement from the team and other co-workers empowered me to accomplish something more than I thought I could do.

My advice for students who are looking for internship or jobs is to self-reflect and ask questions, such as what are my strongest skills and what type of work excites me. After getting a better understanding of yourself, you will be able to come up with a clearer target in your job search and sell yourself better on your resume.

Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie, Summer Statistics and Molding Intern, Current R&D Project Manager

My internship helped me gain confidence that I could transfer my classroom knowledge to a real-world scenario. As a VISION EASE intern, I was also given work that allowed me to be a meaningful contributor to the company.

My advice for college students would be to really take advantage of group projects in order to develop your communication skills. The ability to work with a diversity of skill sets and viewpoints is an invaluable learning that can be applied regardless of where your career takes you.