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As a veteran, you’ll find exciting challenges that apply your unique training and experiences to the success of VISION EASE. We work in a team environment, cheer for each other’s successes and work hard and selflessly with strong discipline.

VISION EASE actively recruits former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and you will find a network of fellow veterans working in many different roles throughout the company.

Supervisory and Management

Many veterans find success in management roles at VISION EASE, where their leadership skills help drive team initiatives.


Operations and Manufacturing

Consistent hard work and attention to detail are required to make the highest-quality products for our customers. Those who are mechanically inclined and enjoy working both with their head and their hands will find our technician and operator positions particularly rewarding.


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If you have experience in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering or material sciences, you will find challenges in process engineering, automation engineering or research & development.


Other areas

We believe that your leadership, knowledge and experience will transfer to create the best ophthalmic products, logistics, process and quality improvements, and more.


Dan, Former U.S. Army 34th Infantry Division Sergeant Major

Purchasing Manager

VISION EASE has a clear understanding of the value that veterans bring to the team. Many collaborative military processes are suited for business, and VISION EASE is open to those unique and creative ideas. Some key skills that are ingrained in all service members are the importance of teamwork, perseverance and discipline. In order to succeed, we also need good communication, organizational skills and follow-through.

Q: What were your favorite places to be stationed or visit?
A: Training with the Norwegian Army in the fjords of Norway was probably my favorite. Australia, Germany and Japan closely follow.


Cass, Former U.S. Army 101st AVN BED, 101st Airborne Division Captain

Vice President of Global Operations

Many skills I gained from the military transferred to my work at VISION EASE, such as time management, multi-variable problem solving, contingency planning, leadership of diverse teams and vision/mission cascading and alignment. The company empowers its employees to utilize their talents and skill sets without confining creativity in problem solving. VISION EASE also has a collaborative and team-oriented culture which is very familiar for those who served in the military.

Q: How did your experiences shape the person you are today?
A: It taught me the value of selfless service towards something much bigger than yourself. Emphasized the importance of teamwork, humility and sacrifice.


Mark, Former Airborne Operations Team Leader


I joined VISION EASE in December 2014 as a molder, after my four-year service in the military. VISION EASE is a growing company, which means it consistently has changes. With my military experience, I am able to adapt to the changing environment quickly and work well with my team to solve problems together. I enjoy the challenges with molding, allowing me to diagnose problems and troubleshooting the issues.

Q: What was your most memorable military experience?
A: My most memorable military experience was a training session we had in Australia. When we parachuted into Australia, immediately we saw kangaroos running across the drop zone. It was like being on an alien planet. We campaigned in an isolated area in the countryside for a week and were able to hear wild animals at night.