Empowering you to be your best

At VISION EASE, we’re more than your lens provider, we’re your partner. As your partner, we support you by proactively seeking solutions and new ideas to drive business results. We’re not here to tell you what to do or how to do it. We’re here to empower you by providing the support, the expertise, and the products that will help you thrive.


Empowering you with deep consumer insights

At VISION EASE, we take the time to listen to our customers and understand them.  We invest in primary research to gain insight into consumer needs, preference and motivations.  And we use those unique insights to propel our product development and grow your business.

Empowering you with continuous innovation

Innovation is in our DNA. For 85 years, we’ve been leading the way to provide your customers the products they want.

  • When they wanted lighter, more durable eye wear, we developed the first lightweight polycarbonate lens.
  • When they wanted a crystal clear lens that changed quickly from indoors to outdoors, we introduced LifeRx and ChangeRx Photochromic Lenses.
  • When they wanted superior protection from the sun’s harmful rays, we introduced Coppertone Polarized Lenses.

You can be sure, we’re just getting started. When you partner with VISION EASE, count on us to support you with a continuous flow of new products that meet growing consumer demands.



Empowering you with best-in-class customer service

We’re here to support you every single day. If you have a question or concern,  know that a VISION EASE representative  is only a phone call or email away. Our team of experts is here to answer questions you have about products and services or to offer suggestions when and where you need it.

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