Why Consider Green Sunglasses?

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The amount of colors to choose from when buying sunglasses lenses is almost endless. But with so many color options, how do your customers know what is the best lens color choice? By default, many sunglass lens buys go with gray or brown lenses. But the best sunglass lens color may not be one that immediately comes to mind – green.

Why Green?

  • Eyes love green – Take a look outside, and you’re sure to see an abundance of green. So, it’s no wonder that our eyes are the most sensitive to the portion of the visible light spectrum responsible for our perception of the color green.
  • The best of both worlds – Gray lenses benefit the wearing by reducing brightness without affecting color perception. Brown lenses reduce brightness and enhance contrast. Green Lenses do both: They provide better contrast than gray lenses and better color accuracy than brown lenses. And, because green lenses favor the transmittance of green light, they provide excellent visual acuity

What to look for when choosing a green lens?

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Coppertone Green Polarized Lenses Block 100% of Suns Harmful Rays

For the best possible vision, comfort and eye protection, it’s important to recommend the lens with these features:

  • 100% UV Protection – The sun’s damaging UV rays increase the risk of many eye health problems including cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer. Recommend a lens that blocks 100% of these rays from reaching the eye
  • Blue Light Protection – High Energy Visible (HEV) Light, or sometimes called “blue light” may also increase the risk of serious eye problems. While not all blue light is detrimental, it’s best to choose a lens that blocks the most potentially damaging HEV rays.
  • Comfortable and high-quality lens material – Thin and light lenses are the easiest to wear. Lightweight and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses are the best choice when picking a sunglass lens.
  • Polarization – polarized lenses ward off blinding glare from light reflecting off of water, pavement and other flat surfaces. Choose a polarized option for maximum comfort and clarity in these outdoor conditions.

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