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Progressives, Bifocals and Trifocals

As patient’s grow older, their vision changes and many experience presbyopia. Viewing and focusing on objects close to the eye may become more difficult for your patient, but choosing a solution to correct it shouldn’t be. VISION EASE Progressive and Lined Multifocal Lens options come in a variety of designs, giving you more ways to deliver a customized lens solution based on your patient’s unique correction, need and preference.

Tried and True Multifocals

Advancement in lens design for patients requiring two or more lens powers is dramatic. But for some patients, lined multifocals, including flat-top bifocals, trifocals and even round segment designs, are still the preferred option. VISION EASE offers one of the most comprehensive selection of multi-focal designs in the industry in multiple materials and treatments not found elsewhere.



Novel Progressive Lenses offer a generous viewing area and soft peripheral view which eliminates the feeling of visual borders and allows the wearer to quickly detect motion and identify objects. Available in a 13 mm corridor and 16.5 fitting height, Novel is an ideal choice for presbyopes who want a comfortable, all-purpose progressive lens.

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Novella Progressive Lenses are short corridor lenses that effectively combine the critical elements of the distance, periphery and near viewing areas with softness and smoothness for a comfortable wearer experience. As the softest short corridor conventional design available today, Novella Progressive Lenses are easy to wear and an ideal choice for today’s smaller frames.


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Digital Progressive Designs

Premium Digital Progressive Lenses offer the most advanced technology available and are easily customized to your patient’s unique prescription, frame selection and position of wear. Manufactured with computerized equipment, Digital Progressive Lenses provide sharper vision across the entire lens, wider field views and an exceptionally comfortable, natural visual experience.

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Outlook Progressive

Outlook is an all-purpose conventional progressive lens designed for all patients, lifestyles and frames. Featuring an 18 mm fitting height, the technology of Outlook Lenses places the near power in exactly the right location for comfortable computer use and reading.

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