Outlook Progressive View

Standard Conventional Progressive Lenses

Versatile, all-purpose standard conventional progressive lenses are great for all frames and patient lifestyles. VISION EASE Outlook, Novel and Novella conventional progressives are designed for maximum visual comfort.

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Premium Digital Progressive View

Digital Progressive Lenses

Customized, high-performance digital progressive designs are created specifically for your unique prescription and frame selection. Using the most advanced technology available, VISION EASE digital designs such as Narrative and Everywhere+ offer sharper vision across the entire lens, wider fields of view and a more comfortable natural visual experience.

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Bifocal lenses have two lens powers – one for seeing objects at a distance and one for seeing objects up close. The lower half (or segment) of the lens is to see objects near to your face – such as a newspaper or a tablet. The upper half of the lens is used for seeing things that are far away – like when you are driving.

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Trifocal Lens


Trifocals are necessary when you have trouble viewing objects in your intermediate zone of sight – or about 1 ½ – 2 feet away from your face. Trifocal lenses are like bifocals, but have an additional ribbon shaped lens segment that is located right above the section of the lens used for viewing objects that are near to your face. This third segment provides added magnifying power of near segment and may make tasks like using the computer easier.

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