Ease, Clarity And Comfort For Active Presbyopes

Today’s busy presbyopes don’t have the time or the desire to adapt to wearing progressive lenses. They want clear, comfortable vision for all their daily activities Available in three versatile, general-purpose designs, VISION EASE Digital Progressives satisfy a wide range of visual demands among active, multi-tasking presbyopes.

Everywhere Plus Man

VISION EASE Everywhere

VISION EASE Everywhere Digital Progressive Lenses feature an exceptionally smooth and soft wearer-tested design with the precision of advanced digital lens fabrication technology..

  • Soft design for easy adaptation for new and experienced progressive wearers.
  • Wide distance zone for unmatched comfort everywhere.
  • Flexibility to accommodate a broad range of frame heights.
  • Variable inset for optimal alignment of the progressive corridor.
  • Flexibility to take advantage of basic measurements.

Everywhere Man

VISION EASE Everywhere+

VISION EASE Everywhere+ Digital Progressive Lenses have all the features and advantages of Everywhere Progressives, plus a compensated design for wearers who want or desire a higher level of customization to satisfy their needs.


  • Vertex distance
  • Wrap angle
  • Pantoscopic Tilt



VISION EASE Narrative Premium Digital Progressive Lenses give your patient sharper vision and a wider field of view than most progressive lenses.

  • Extremely soft design for ease of wear without the feeling of visual borders.
  • Wide near viewing zone with exceptionally smooth transition from distance to near
  • Variable inset for optimal alignment of the progressive corridor
  • Flexibility to take advantage of basic measurements.


Progressive Wearer

Improving wearability and Patient Satisfaction

Not every backside progressive has been so thoughtfully designed.

VISION EASE Progressive Lens Designs are optimized to take full advantage of backside placement. While demand for certain progressive lens features differ based on patient lifestyles and visual requirements, research shows that  three common factors are critical for  progressive lens comfort in most presbyopes. They are the functionality of viewing areas combined with smoothness and softness

Designed With Real-Life Wearer Input

Making optimized real-life wearer comfort the centerpiece of the design process, VISION EASE Digital Progressives were designed and refined using a successive series of wearer trials The result was three general purpose progressive lens designs optimized to fit the unique lifestyles and visual requirements of your patients.

Easy To Choose

Digital Progressive lenses are customized one lens at a time, optimizing the combination of the progressive design and your patient’s prescription. This places all the important characteristics on the lenses back surface.

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