Designed for Superior Computer and Office Vision

It’s estimated that adults spend nine hours at work or completing work related activities every day. While how that time is spent varies among occupations, the daily tasks required by one’s line of work may impact physical health – including the health of their eyes. VISION EASE Digital Occupational Lenses offer user-friendly lens designs that put the focus where it is needed most. Whether in front of a computer or in a conference room, our task specific lenses are designed for better ergonomics and visual comfort.



  • For patients spending large chunks of time reading or focused on devices and computers.
  •  Maximizes size of near zone and corridor.
  •  Places the eyes and head in comfortable position for extended time on close-up tasks.
  • Max viewing of up to 6 feet.*
  •  +.75 add power at top of lens.



  • For patients actively engaging both with devices and computer screens and with people aroundtheir desk.
  •  Offers roomy near and intermediate zones with just enough far intermediate vision to see people and objects beyond their devices.
  • Max viewing of up to 12 feet.*
  • +.50 add power at top of lens.




  • For patients spending their days in meetings, on the move in the office, and focusing on objects across a room, but who also spend regular time on their devices.
  • Provides helpfully larger near and intermediate viewing areas than general purpose progressives.
  • Max viewing of up to 20 feet.*
  • +.25 add power at top of lens.

A focal distance optimized for the task at hand

Focusing on a computer screen with conventional progressive lenses forces the wearer to strain to focus through a restricted area of the lens for near or intermediate work. VISION EASE Occupational lens designs feature a gaze angle that supports proper ergonomics and larger areas for reading intermediate vision – perfect for seeing the full screen while working on the computer.

Man with glasses at desk

the Solution for a More Comfortable work day

For presbyopes spending extended periods focusing on near and intermediate objects, a second pair of VISION EASE Digital Occupational Lenses can provide a more comfortable work experience.

Learn more about how to integrate VISION EASE Digital Designs into your current digital lens offering.

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