VISION EASE Venue Warranty and Returns Policy


General Warranty

Within 60 days of original invoice date, VISION EASE will replace lenses one time at 50% of the regular cost for any reason. Including: RX change, material or fitting
measurement change.

Progressive Non-Adapt

Within 90 days of original invoice date, VISION EASE will replace lenses one time with another lens choice of equal or lesser value as the original Rx. Any additional
items will be billed at the regular price. The redo will be completed in VISION EASE Venue as original order.

Scratch-Resistant Coatings

VISION EASE will replace lenses with the same Rx, at no charge one time within 2 years of the originalinvoice date.

AR Warranties*

VISION EASE will replace premium coated lenses with same RX, one time in two years from original invoice date. Standard AR and mirror coated lenses will be replaced with the same RX, one time within one year from original invoice date. For ongoing quality assurance reasons, we may ask for lenses to be returned for evaluation.

Order Cancellations or In Process Changes

If lenses are not in process, cancellations or changes will not be charged. If the lenses are in process, 50% credit will be issued and order will be stopped.

Shipping and Handling

VISION EASE provides no charge overnight shipping on all outbound Rx jobs. Shipping of in-bound items is the responsibility of the customer. At your request, we will provide you with pre-addressed shipping labels and frame tags.

VISION EASE Venue Lab Errors*

In the event VISION EASE Venue makes an error on an order, we will immediately reprocess the order. Upon return of original lenses appropriate credit will be issued.

Frame Policy – Edged

We strive to ensure quality and craftsmanship which includes the careful handling of your patient’s frames. VISION EASE Venue is not responsible for damage caused on used or old frames. VISION EASE Venue will take responsibility for new frame damage if it is not covered by the manufacturer. If a frame is broken, and not covered by manufacturer, we will reimburse
the wholesale cost of the frame with the receipt of the manufacturer invoice and frame. In addition, VISION EASE Venue is responsible for lost frames sent to customer and customer is responsible for lost frames sent to VISION EASE Venue.

Drill Mount/Metal Groove Policy

Materials, with the exception of CR 39 will be warrantied one time within one year from original invoice date for breaking, chipping cracking or starring. Venue will not process any glass order for grooved or rimless edges. For ongoing quality assurance reasons, we may ask for lenses to be returned for evaluation.

Enhanced RX Warranty – No Questions Asked!

Discount will be given at time of re-order, no need to return lenses *unless specified in above categories, ($4.00 handling fee will be charged on every order, contact your Sales Rep to sign up for this program). If you want peace of mind, this warranty is for you. VISION EASE will replace, at no charge for any reason, one time, within 90 days of the original invoice date. If multiple redos are needed, we will replace them at 50% of the original invoice cost two times within 90 days of original invoice date.


All returns must be externally labeled with the required Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number that can be obtained by calling VISION EASE Customer
Service at 1-800-328-3449. For your convenience, we can accept VISION EASE Venue returns and Stock Lens returns in the same box/shipment provided that:
1. Separate RMA’s have been issued
2. VISION EASE Venue return label is on outside of box
3. VISION EASE Venue return is bundledseparately inside box

Download the Venue Warranty