Venue Lab

A Growing Array of Technical Services

VISION EASE Venue offers a wide range of technical services using the latest technologies:

  • Digital Surfacing – From basic measurements to full customization, we offer multiple design options to satisfy virtually any need.
  • Custom AR Coating – VIVID AR, anti-reflective coating, brings everyday vision to a whole new level by offering the highest level of water, oil, dust, dirt and scratch resistance to your patients.
  • Tinting Services – Your patients can choose from solid and gradient sunglass tints in Gray, Brown and Classic Green. Tinting services are available for clear polycarbonate and plastic lenses. Mirror and AR finishes are optional.
  • Finishing Services – Finishing options are seamlessly built into all VISION EASE Venue’s ordering options offered today.

Venue Is All About You

We know that sometimes businesses can’t be bound by large commitments. So, we’re flexible. Use VENUE as often or as little as you need. And feel confident that with our proven 6-step process, we’ll deliver high-quality products on time. Every time. You’ve got customers to please. VENUE is here to help.

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