A commitment to environmental responsibility

At VISION EASE, we’re maintaining our 85-year promise to be a good corporate citizen. We’re continually setting higher industry standards in sustainability by integrating environmentally responsible products and practices.  Our Ramsey, Minnesota facility, for example, operates with 100 percent renewable energy and is one of the largest companies in the state to do so.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We’ve reduced our carbon emissions by 99% by converting to energy-efficient lighting sources, switching to post-consumer packaging materials, streamlining shipping processes, and recycling 100 percent of our scrap. What’s more, recent PRISM (Pursing Rapid Improvements for Sustainable Manufacturing) projects have reduced paper and box carton use, improved ventilation, neutralized chrome room chemicals and improved the water system. You see, when it comes to environmental responsibility, we always want to be at our best.

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