VISION EASE expands SunRx line with new blue polarized lenses

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RAMSEY, MINN. (Oct. 13, 2015) – To meet growing consumer interest in polarized lens color options, VISION EASE broadens its SunRx product line with new SunRx polycarbonate SFSV 75mm blue lenses.

SunRx blue lenses are immediately available in 4.00, 6.25 and 8.50 base curves. Blue lenses are ideal for active consumers looking to enhance visibility for tennis and golf, and improve vision in hazy and snowy conditions.

“Consumers want more color options so they can personalize their look while still protecting their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays,” said Jeff McCurrach, Vice President Product Management at VISION EASE. “Our new blue SunRx lenses respond to this demand for fresh color options in polarized lenses.”

The full SunRx SFSV line also includes gray, brown and classic green colors in a variety of base curves. All SunRx lenses feature 100 percent protection from UV rays while eliminating 99 percent of all reflected glare.

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