VISION EASE Introduces Clear Blue Filter Lenses

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RAMSEY, MINN. (April 15, 2016) – High-energy wavelengths pose the greatest threat to eye health today with ultra-violet and high-energy blue light found everywhere with the highest levels coming from natural sunlight and lower levels from LED and fluorescent lighting, even digital devices. To address this risk, VISION EASE has created the Clear Blue Filter lens, providing high-energy light protection in a clear, everyday polycarbonate lens.

Developed with protection built into the lens and not the coating, VISION EASE Clear Blue Filter lenses block 100% UVB, UVA and filter blue light to help protect eyes from harmful high-energy light. At 420 nanometers, they filter over 3 times more blue light than standard polycarbonate lenses.

A unique advantage, Clear Blue Filter lenses are uncompromising clear without unwanted color. According to proprietary research, 96% of consumers rate lens clarity as highly important in their lens choice.

“Our eyes are vulnerable to powerful light rays,” said Grady Lenski, Chief Marketing Officer at VISION EASE. “Consumers who care about eye health need an everyday lens that protects the entire eye from the harmful effects of these damaging rays. The Clear Blue Filter lens does just that – offering high-energy light protection built into a clear, everyday polycarbonate lens. It lets our partners step their customers up to a lens that protects their eyes from the most damaging light rays,” said Lenski.

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