VISION EASE Introduces 3 Digital Lens Designs for Superior Computer and Office Vision

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Task-specific occupational lens line focuses on visual comfort and ergonomics

RAMSEY, MINN. (May 23, 2017) – To improve near and intermediate visual comfort for lens wearers, VISION EASE announces its new line of occupational lenses. These digital backside lenses are designed with office ergonomics in mind, for optimal viewing zones during specific tasks.

“Both at work and at home, people often spend many hours each day focused on screens and nearby objects,” said David Hoagland, Senior Product Manager at VISION EASE. “VISION EASE’s new occupational designs have been created with maximum comfort in mind for those extended, up-close activities. With these lenses, eye care professionals and retailers can offer their patients a solution specific to their needs, whether that’s working on a computer or interacting with a larger office environment.”

The lens line includes three styles: VISION EASE Computer, VISION EASE Desk and VISION EASE Office. Each design is uniquely suited for different uses in office settings.

  • VISION EASE Computer lenses maximize the wearer’s viewing zone for tasks closer than 6 feet*, such as reading, working with objects in their hands, or focusing on devices and computers.
  • VISION EASE Desk lenses are a versatile option for wearers who need roomy near and intermediate zones up to 12 feet* to view screens and engage with others near their desks.
  • VISION EASE Office lenses offer improved vision over general-purpose progressives for viewing ranges up to 20 feet*. These lenses enhance near and intermediate vision as a wearer moves from meetings to computer throughout the day.

For more information about the occupational designs, click here.


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*Will vary based upon individual prescription and accommodation