VISION EASE Introduces Clear Blue Filter™ FSV Lenses

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RAMSEY, MINN. (July 7, 2016) – VISION EASE announces the availability of Clear Blue Filter FSV Lenses. The new polycarbonate stock lenses are available in 65mm and 75mm diameter from +4.00 to -8.00 spheres out to -2.00 cylinder.

VISION EASE Clear Blue Filter lenses provide 100% UV protection (400nm) and filter high-energy blue light in a crystal clear, everyday polycarbonate lens. Filtering properties are built into the lens, not a coating.

An excellent upgrade for the health consumer looking to protect and maintain eye health, Clear Blue Filter lenses filter over 3x more blue light than standard polycarbonate lenses at 420nm.  51% of high-energy light between 380 and 460nm. And because they’re especially vulnerable, often in-and-outdoors with just a single pair solution, children can benefit most as 70% more high energy light reaches a child’s retina.

It is the only clear lens in the industry to carry the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval – recommended as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. (800) 328-3449.


VISION EASE is a global ophthalmic lens marketer and manufacturer whose solutions empower individuals, businesses and society to be their best. The first to offer lenses that are now industry standards – including lightweight polycarbonate prescription lenses and sunglass lenses that filter high energy visible light – VISION EASE is a trusted partner to independent opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists, and retail chains throughout the world. For more information, visit