VISION EASE Unveils Line of “No Compromise,” High-performance Photochromic Lenses

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Lenses are Clearer, Darker and Faster than Competition


LAS VEGAS (September 15, 2016) – VISION EASE, a global ophthalmic lens marketer and manufacturer, has launched a new line of photochromic lenses at the 2016 Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. The new VISION EASE Photochromic Lens line offers faster activation and fadeback in addition to providing clearer indoor and darker outdoor performances than other photochromic lenses currently on the market.

“In the past, consumers had to compromise comfort and convenience when they purchased photochromic lenses,” said Grady Lenski, Chief Marketing Officer at VISION EASE. “However, that’s all changed now as we’ve developed a photochromic lens that outperforms the national brand at every turn,” he added.

In internal light transmission tests conducted by VISION EASE, the new photochromic lenses are 2.5% clearer indoors than the national brand* and 7.3% darker outdoors.*** The lenses also present a faster activation (27%) than the national brand** as well as a quicker fadeback (44%).**

“Our new photochromic lenses can change as fast as our busy lives do,” said Lenski. “Whether you’re coming inside after being in the bright sun or stepping out from the subway into daylight, you don’t have to wait for your lenses to keep up with you anymore,” he added.

The new VISION EASE photochromic lenses block 91% of blue light outdoors and 43% of blue light indoors. Additionally, the lenses contain an improved true gray color. Upcoming availability of numerous polycarbonate gray styles include: SFSV, A SFSV, D28 Bifocal, D35 Bifocal, 7×28 Trifocal and a decentered Novel Progressive.



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*73.4° F (23° C) ** 1 minute 73.4° F (23° C) *** 15 minutes 73.4° F (23° C)