Your Guide to Vision Expo East 2017

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Apart from the start of sun season and warmer weather, the first day of spring often reminds optical industry professionals that Vision Expo East is just around the corner. While you may put off packing your bags until the night before, don’t wait to mark your calendars for these things you can’t miss:

Blue Light Education

The topic of Blue Light isn’t necessarily new to optical professionals, but recently it has become an area of interest for both professionals and consumers. As the discourse around this topic grows, so does the need for education about the science behind blue light and the effects on the human eye.

Join educational contributor, Deb Kotob (ABOM, NCLE) for two educational sessions about what you should know about blue light.

Just the ‘Blue Light Facts, Ma’am!

March 31, 2017 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM:  This course sheds light on the confusing information surrounding the ‘blue light hazard’. Continue reading and sign up here



Light, the Eye and the Brain

April 1, 2017, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

This course reviews the importance of light, the eye and the brain to produce visual perception from the world around us. Continue reading and sign up here



Visit the VISION EASE Booth LP4119 and learn about three of our newest products that differentiate your business

Coppertone Polarized Lenses – now available in green!

Coppertone Polarized Lenses
See the difference and compare different colors

For over 30 years, the Coppertone name has been synonymous with skin protection. Coppertone Polarized Lenses offer the ultimate protection under the sun with 2x the Solar Blue Light  Protection* and 100% UVA/UVB protection. Learn more….

VISION EASE Clear Blue Filter Lenses

As the ONLY clear lens endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin, VISION EASE Clear Blue Filter Lenses block 100% UV up to 420 nm and filter 3x more blue light that standard polycarbonate lenses**.

VISION EASE Photochromic Lenses

In the past, consumers had to compromise comfort and convenience when they purchased photochromic lenses, but no more. With VISION EASE Photochromic Lenses, your customers can have it all: Clearer indoors, darker outdoors, and faster activation and fade back.

VISION EASE Photochromic Lenses
VISION EASE Photochromic Lenses block 91% of blue light outdoors and 43% of blue light indoors. Learn more.

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*Compares Coppertone gray and green to competitive gray and green
**at 420 nm






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