Clear Protection from damaging light rays

All eyes are vulnerable. From sunlight to digital devices, ultraviolet and high-energy blue light is everywhere. Clear Blue Filter™ lenses can help protect eyes from the harmful effects of powerful rays.

3x more blue light filtered than standard polycarbonate lenses
100% UV blocking, so you’re protected indoors and out


Superior Protection In A Clear, Polycarbonate Lens

VISION EASE Clear Blue Filter Lenses block 100%, UVB, UVA and filter Blue Light to help protect eyes from harmful high-energy light.

  • 100% UV blocking up to 400 nm
  • Filters the most damaging, highest energy blue light
  • Crystal clear lenses

The Best In Blue Light Protection

The high energy light protection of Clear Blue Filter Lenses is not a coating, but built into the clear, polycarbonate lens for durable protection. As the only clear lens to hold the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval, experts agree that Clear Blue Filter effectively protects eyes and the surrounding skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

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The Effects Of High Energy Light On Eyes

The sun’s rays contain several types of light that can cause damage to the eyes and surrounding tissues: visible and invisible light. While invisible Ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB) is the most damaging, High Energy Visible Light (HEV) or “blue light” is also a visible high-energy radiation that can negatively impact eye health. Clear Blue Filter lenses helps protect the eyes from both.

The best eye protection under the sun

Protect eyes outdoors with unmatched polarized sunglass lenses.

    Blocks 100% of UV (400nm) and filters damaging high-energy blue light rays.
    Children are 70% more susceptible to high-energy blue light transmitted to a child’s retina. ¹
    Safety is built into the lens, not the coating. Widely available in both SFSV and FSV.

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1 – “GE Lighting plans to stop CFL bulb production by years end.” Feb 2016.