What makes LifeRx different?

The photochromic dye used in LifeRx lenses has been specifically formulated using a single organic molecule rather than a mix of several different colored molecules as is often the case with other photochromic lenses. Utilizing a single dye provides a clear-as-liquid color when activated, as well as color consistency throughout activation, and fast fade back. As a result, LifeRx lenses are as clear as a clear polycarbonate lens when fully deactivated and they don’t become an unusual color during activation, fade back or as they age. In the manufacturing of LifeRx lenses, this special dye is combined with a polymer to form a flexible film that allows the dye to easily change configuration when exposed to UV light. This film is then molded between strong layers of polycarbonate and fused onto an ophthalmic lens during the lens molding process.



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