Tinted Sun Lenses Just Can’t Protect The Eye

Being outdoors has been proven* to boost your mental and physical well-being. But too much exposure to the sun can be dangerous to your eyes. Blinding glare and harmful UV light are always present as we enjoy our time in the sun.

VISIONEASE Polarized Lens Statistics


VISIONEASE Polarized Lens Man on Mountain

Eliminate Blinding Glare. Block 100% of harmful UV light

Glare is everywhere. It is reflected from the water, snow…even roads and buildings. Driving can be even more hazardous as glare creates blinding light – limiting visibility and may cause serious eye strain.

VISION EASE Polarized Lenses

  •  Eliminate 99% of reflected glare
  •  Block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays
  •  Give your customers powerful protection for their eyes.

Let your customers enjoy the great outdoors

Merchandise VISION EASE Polarized Lenses

With VISION EASE Polarized Lenses you can take advantage of the growing number of consumers concerned about their health with a product that outperforms standard tint sun lenses.

VISIONEASE Polarized Lens Man on Snowy Mountain

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**Diaz, L. J. (2014). “Top lateral refraction and reflection of polarized light in lenses.”
***Vision Council 2016