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Industry-leading clarity and quality

Originally developed for the aerospace industry, polycarbonate is a large part of VISION EASE innovation. Our polycarbonate lenses are manufactured with proprietary, fourth-generation water-white polycarbonate resins, are up to 50% lighter and thinner than plastic alternatives and 10 times more impact-resistant. VISION EASE polycarbonate lenses have specific gravity of 1.21. Plus, they have an index of refraction of 1.586 and can be made as thin as a 1.0 mm center.

The Leader in Polycarbonate Lens Manufacturing

  • Crystal clear lenses and industry leading quality
  • Available in aspheric designs for a thinner, more fashionable look
  • Up to 50% lighter and thinner than plastic lenses
  • Perfect for the majority of eyeglass lens prescriptions

Progressive Lens

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Durable and versatile

Ideal for more than 80% of all prescriptions, VISION EASE polycarbonate lenses can be mounted without scratching, cracking or breaking. They also allow various treatments, including photochromic and polarized, making them the most functional and highest performing material in the industry.

  • 10x more impact resistant than glass or regular plastic lenses
  • Exceed the FDA’s impact resistant requirements by more than 40 times
  • Natural UV filter, protecting the eye from harmful UV rays
  • Great choice for children or sports

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