LifeRx Outlook Polycarbonate Progressive

LifeRx Outlook Polycarbonate Progressive

Product Description

LifeRx Outlook Polycarbonate Progressive Lenses offer superior photochromic performance, enhanced durability and great value. LifeRx light-adaptive lenses are crystal clear indoors; darken rapidly outdoors and fade back to clear more quickly than leading competitors. With a 99% adaption rate, LifeRx Outlook can fit virtually any patient, lifestyle or frame.


Material Polycarbonate
Treatment Photochromic
Color Gray
Power Range +6.25 to -10.00
Diameters 80mm
Bases 1.50, 3.50, 5.00, 6.50, 7.50
Add/Cyl +0.75 to +3.50

• Crystal clear indoors
• Fast darkening speed, activating in less than one minute
• Deactivate 30-180% more quickly than competitive photochromic lenses
• Conventional, all-purpose progressive lens with an 18 mm MFH


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  • Dispensing Materials
    • Outlook Dispensing Mat Insert
    • Outlook Product Brochure/Fitting Guide
    • Private: Illumina/Outlook Fitting Guide-Latin America
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    • LifeRx Sell Sheet

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