VISION EASE Progressive Lenses

VISION EASE Progressive Lens portfolio features a complete collection of designs to meet the unique needs of each patient and are designed for maximum comfort and easy adaption. Whether it’s our advanced conventional progressives or our premium digital designs, VISION EASE Progressives deliver the clearest, sharpest and most precise viewing for all progressive lens wearers.

In the Distance: Generous viewing area, for exceptional comfort when driving, seeing a movie or taking in the view while on vacation.

In the Periphery: Designed for softness, making them easy to wear by maintaining your ability to detect motion and identify objects approaching from the side.

Up Close: Exceptionally smooth transition between intermediate and near viewing zones, so switching between your computer screen and your mobile device is easy on the eyes.



A great multi-purpose progressive for a range of wearers.

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Ideal for the broadest range of wearers and frame styles.

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The best short-corridor lens available for comfortable, natural vision and compact frames.

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Premium, customizable progressive lenses designed with the most advanced technologies available.

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