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Just The (Blue Light) Facts, Ma’am!

1 hour ABO – Technical or COPE
This course provides the essentials about blue light and the potential of high-energy visible (HEV) light to cause ocular damage,including age-related macular degeneration (AMD).Risks associated with specific wavelengths of HEV/blue light will be discussed, along with the beneficial effects of certain bands of blue light. The technology behind blue light-filtering lenses will be explained, and tips on how to educate patients about the benefits of blue light protection will be provided.

Course #: 0721

Shades Of Green: Coppertone Green Kicks The Blues

1 or 2 hours ABO – Technical
Participants will become familiar with the broad color choices and blue light-filtering properties of Coppertone polarized sun lenses. The principles of constructive interference and absorptive pigments as well as velar elements in lenses to reduce blue light transmission will be discussed. How to calculate blue light protection (BLP) will be explained, and a comparison of indoor and outdoor sources of blue light and the BLP values of different lenses will be illustrated. How blue light and UV radiation harm the eye and why protection from these rays should begin in childhood and continue for a lifetime will be discussed. Finally, the important role that opticians play in educating consumers about the danger of photo-damage to the eye will be highlighted.

Course #: 0221

Lifestyle Marketing: Lens Enhancements = Lifestyle Enhancements

1 or 2 hours ABO – General Education

This course will explore Lifestyle Marketing — the recommendation of eyewear to improve visual clarity, comfort and performance for specific activities. Participants will learn how to inform consumer that lens enhancements can help them see better, feel better, look better and, ultimately, live better. The technology for each lens enhancement will be described, and how lens enhancements improve optical performance and the wearer’s visual experience will be reviewed. Lens enhancements discussed include: anti-reflective (AR) coating, polarized lenses and photochromic lenses.

Course #: 0220

Understanding Digital Technology: Everywhere and Sportwrap Digital

1 hour ABO – Technical
Participants will understand how digital technology improves lens design and optical performance. Differences in lens fabrication and surfacing will be reviewed.Ray Path Technology will be explained and how this technology is used to create a customized lens for the wearer — based on vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle and preferred working distance — will be explored. Position of wear will be defined and an explanation of how to accurately take these measurements will be provided.

Course #: 0720

Blue Perspective

1 hour ABO – General
This general course describes the effects of blue light on visual acuity and color vision, and how high-energy visible (HEV) blue light cause photo damage to ocular tissues.The effect of blue light on our wake/sleep cycle (circadian rhythm) and the harmful effects of blue light’s disruption of circadian rhythm also will be explored. A comparison of luminance (lux) and blue light exposure from sunlight, computer screens and portable electronic devices will be provided, along with a comparison chart of the attenuation of blue light provided by currently available filters, absorptive tints and coatings.

Course #: 1219

The Full Prism Spectrum

1 hour ABO – Technical
This course reviews various topics related to prism. Participants will understand how light travels through a prism and how this principle is used in corrective lenses.A discussion of why prism is prescribed for strabismus or vertical imbalance will take place, and instructions how to calculate vertical imbalance will be provided. Unwanted prism in a lens and its effects on vision and comfort also will be explained, as well as how to verify prism in a lens using a lensometer.

Course #: 0719

Light, The Eye And The Brain

1 hour ABO – Technical
This course reviews how light, the eye and the brain work together to enable us to visually perceive the world around us. It examines how a photon is born and how images are formed by our visual system. Color vision will be explored, along with principles on how the brain organizes and interprets information from light. Interesting optical effects and will be demonstrated. Participants also will learn about the importance of protecting the eyes from photo damage.

Course #: 0719

The Miracle Of Sight: What Is Visual Perception?

1 or 2 hours ABO – Technical
This course will review the importance of light to sight perception. Image formation and refraction will be reviewed. The function of specific components of the eye and visual system will be reviewed, including how light is transformed to electrical impulses that travel to the visual cortex in the brain.Theories of color vision will be explored, along with Gestalt Principles of figure, ground, proximity, closure, similarity, continuity and other aspects of visual perception. Areas and pathways of the brain and what each area contributes to visual perception will be reviewed. Optical illusions, afterimages and other visual/perceptual phenomena will be demonstrated.

Course #: 0518

Night Vision

1 hour ABO or NCLE – Technical
This course will give opticians the knowledge base needed to discuss night vision and dark adaptation with their patients. The basic biology of the eye, visual pigment and photoreceptors in the retina responsible for night vision will be discussed. Advice that opticians can share with their patients regarding optimizing and protecting their night vision will be provided.

Course #:0219

Winter Sun Protection

1 or 2 hours ABO – General Knowledge
This course covers the importance of educating about the dangers sun exposure during the winter months poses to their eyes and the skin around their eyes.It also covers the unique and potentially damaging conditions that exist in winter. (Winter Sun Protection also is available as a home study ABO course)

Course #: 1220

Building Skills For Better Patients Results

1 Hour ABO – General Knowledge
Many optician training programs focus on teaching the skills necessary to increase multiple pair sales. Most opticians already possess those skills.The challenge is to continue building on those skills and to consistently practice them. This course will help opticians build on skills they already have and focus on successful and consistent patient interactions, not just sales. At the completion of this course,participants will receive a handout that will help them build four specific patient-centered skills over a period of 4 weeks.

Course #: 1118

Progressive Lens Training

1 Hour ABO – Technical
This course is a practical review of all aspects of lenses: evaluating, patient education, closing the sale, dispensing and troubleshooting. Attributes of good and poor candidates for progressive lens wear will be described, and proper techniques for training patients how to use and adapt to progressive lenses will be discussed. Proper fitting parameters also will be discussed, along with what happens when one of these parameters is incorrect. Dispensing and troubleshooting protocols will be reviewed, and there will be a 10-minute workshop on determining cut-out, bench alignment and final alignment for the patient.

Course #: 0918

Lensology: A Lens Review

1 or 2 hours ABO or JCAHPO – Technical
This course introduces opticians to eyeglass lens basics. Anatomy of the eye as it relates to the light refraction and focusing will be reviewed, along with a discussion of refractive errors, accommodation and presbyopia.Lens designs required to correct each type of refractive error will be discussed, including how each design brings light to focus on the retina. This course also covers lens materials, manufacturing, surfacing and edging, as well as frame selection and fitting tips and techniques.

Course #: 1022

Beyond The Lens Map

1 or 2 hours ABO – General Knowledge
This course offers guidelines for considering and comparing new progressive lenses as well as information on how to fit and dispense these new designs. A discussion of why some supplier-provided technical information may not be helpful as a means to compare progressive lens designs will be provided, along with a description of three key lens design features that do matter for progressives. How to fit and dispense today’s progressive lens designs will be covered, and a list of questions to ask suppliers about new progressive lens designs will be provided. The importance of conducting in store wearer trials also will be discussed.

Course #: 1117

A Sun Strategy To Preserve The Visual System

1 or 2 hours ABO or JCAHPO – Technical
Long-term exposure to the sun’s visible and invisible radiation threatens our eyesight — especially now that we are living longer. This course discusses the shift in medicine to preventative care and how eye care professionals can help patients take charge of managing the optimization and preservation of their eyesight.One essential step is wearing quality sunglasses in outdoor daylight that provide 100 percent UV protection and also block significant levels high-energy visible (HEV) blue light. This seminar covers the mechanism by which cumulative sun exposure can cause eye damage and helps opticians understand the importance of protective sun lenses.

Course #: 0918

A Second Pair Beats Glare

1 hour ABO – General Knowledge
This course provides information to help dispensing opticians educate their patients about the value of prescription polarized sunglasses as their “second pair” eyewear. Factors that motivate consumers when making purchasing decisions also are discussed.

Course #:0320

The Sun, The Sky And The Eye: Ocular Photo-Protection For Good Vision That Lasts A Lifetime

1 hour ABO – General Knowledge
This course explores the beneficial and harmful effects of sunlight and the importance of protecting the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays throughout a person’s lifetime.Reducing the risk of cumulative damage to ocular tissues associated with degenerative eye conditions and vision loss will be emphasized.

Course #: 0218

Blue Filter Lens Technologies: Introducing Clear Blue Filter Lenses

1 ABO – Technical (Level 3)
Our aim as eye care professionals is to be knowledgeable about all lens technologies that benefit our customers. This course describes Clear Blue Filter Lenses by VISION EASE and explains how this new clear lens technology blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation up to 400nm and reduces exposure to high energy visible (HEV) blue light. Other types of blue light filtering lens technologies that are currently available also are discussed. This course provides essential information on the effects of HEV blue light as well as invisible UV radiation on eye health and visual acuity, as well as the effect of longer wavelength blue light on circadian rhythm.

Course #:1022


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