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Night Vision

1 hour ABO or NCLE – Technical
This course will give opticians the knowledge base needed to discuss night vision and dark adaptation with their patients. The basic biology of the eye, visual pigment and photoreceptors in the retina responsible for night vision will be discussed. Advice that opticians can share with their patients regarding optimizing and protecting their night vision will be provided.

Course #:0219

Winter Sun Protection

1 or 2 hours ABO – General Knowledge
This course covers the importance of educating about the dangers sun exposure during the winter months poses to their eyes and the skin around their eyes.It also covers the unique and potentially damaging conditions that exist in winter. (Winter Sun Protection also is available as a home study ABO course)

Course #: 1220

Progressive Lens Training

1 Hour ABO – Technical
This course is a practical review of all aspects of lenses: evaluating, patient education, closing the sale, dispensing and troubleshooting. Attributes of good and poor candidates for progressive lens wear will be described, and proper techniques for training patients how to use and adapt to progressive lenses will be discussed. Proper fitting parameters also will be discussed, along with what happens when one of these parameters is incorrect. Dispensing and troubleshooting protocols will be reviewed, and there will be a 10-minute workshop on determining cut-out, bench alignment and final alignment for the patient.

Course #: 0918

Lensology: A Lens Review

1 or 2 hours ABO or JCAHPO – Technical
This course introduces opticians to eyeglass lens basics. Anatomy of the eye as it relates to the light refraction and focusing will be reviewed, along with a discussion of refractive errors, accommodation and presbyopia.Lens designs required to correct each type of refractive error will be discussed, including how each design brings light to focus on the retina. This course also covers lens materials, manufacturing, surfacing and edging, as well as frame selection and fitting tips and techniques.

Course #: 1022

Blue Filter Lens Technologies: Introducing Clear Blue Filter Lenses

1 ABO – Technical (Level 3)
Our aim as eye care professionals is to be knowledgeable about all lens technologies that benefit our customers. This course describes Clear Blue Filter Lenses by VISION EASE and explains how this new clear lens technology blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation up to 400nm and reduces exposure to high energy visible (HEV) blue light. Other types of blue light filtering lens technologies that are currently available also are discussed. This course provides essential information on the effects of HEV blue light as well as invisible UV radiation on eye health and visual acuity, as well as the effect of longer wavelength blue light on circadian rhythm.

Course #:1022

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