VISON EASE Polarized Lens Anatomy

VISION EASE Polarized Lenses are designed to block harmful UV rays and filter HEV light, while allowing colors to remain clear and true, so important visual information won’t be hard to see. Additionally, wearing polarized prescription sun lenses outdoors can help protect eyes and the sensitive skin around them for a lifetime of healthy vision.


Five main layers make up VISON EASE Polarized Lenses so they are tough and protective for everyday life:

  1. Front side scratch coating
  2. Polycarbonate protective layer – providing up to 10 times the impact resistance of ordinary sun lenses
  3. Polarizing filter – eliminating 97% or more of reflected glare
  4. Optical polycarbonate layer – thin and customized to your prescription
  5. Back side scratch resistant coating


A Sustainable Lens Choice

VISON EASE Polarized Lenses are manufactured in the United States using 100% renewable energy and are shipped in packaging made of 35% post-consumer material and printed using soy-based ink. VISION EASE is committed to incorporating environmentally responsible products and  practices with a near 80-year commitment to good corporate citizenship.

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