man-wearing-coppertone-lensesThe Hidden Dangers Of The Sun

Every time we step outside, our eyes are exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as High Energy Solar Blue Light. Even on overcast days, these damaging rays can penetrate through clouds and haze putting our eyes at risk. Over time, exposure to these dangerous light rays may lead to vision loss and other serious conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration and certain types of eye cancers.

Know the facts. Know the Risk. Protect your patients.

  • UV Light Exposure – UVA/UVB light exposure are known causative agents for skin cancer. Approximately 5 to 10% of all skin cancers occur in the eyelid
  • Blinding Glare – reflective glare poses a significant risk to those who drive. Glare has also been implicated as a cause of headaches – including migraines
  • Solar Blue Light Exposure – Macular Degeneration, linked to Solar Blue Light exposure, is the most common cause of vision loss for individuals over age 55

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Protection Starts With The Right Eyewear

Eye Care Professionals agree: sunglasses are one of the best – and one of the easiest – ways to protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. Lenses that absorb and block UV, like VISION EASE Polarized Lenses, are one of the strongest defenses against sun damage to the eye and surrounding areas. No matter what the season and no matter what the weather, our Polarized Lenses are the right choice for sun protection.

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Emphasizing the importance of eye health for every patient

Today’s consumers are more health conscious than ever, but they may not know to what extent their eyes are at risk.

  • Education – Start first with education. Many patients are unaware that sun exposure without proper eye protection can contribute to many long-term eye health problems.
  • Write a separate prescription for Rx Sunglasses – The prevention of eye health problems is as important as visual correction. Show your patients the importance of sun protection by writing a separate prescription for Rx sunglasses.
  • Recommend the right product – VISION EASE Polarized Lenses provide 100% UV protection, eliminate 97% or more of reflected glare and provide added protection against Solar Blue Light.

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